3D Automazione

An Italian company of high importance specializing in electronic, software

and mechanical design for industrial automation.

A recognized technological system integrator,

which completes the offer with the supply of accessory services

to the project and the product.

3D Automazione - 25 years of experience

Automation and Technology
at the service of ideas

3D Automazione is a service company specializing in the design and implementation of integrated solutions in the world of IT, embedded systems, mechanical/mechatronic systems, and, more generally, industrial automation.
For our customers, we are an integral technology partner with the ability to design and implement solutions based on the most modern digital technologies available.

A reliable partner
in the face of change

We are known and appreciated for the high technological content of the products and projects developed and for the quality levels of absolute value.
For over 25 years, 3D Automation has been operating successfully in the design and implementation of digital systems for the monitoring and control of automation processes.
The 3D Automazione quality system is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.
We guarantee total and absolute confidentiality in regards to all sensitive information owned by the customer.

A complete cycle of certainties

3D Automazione is able to manage, with experience and professionalism, the entire process of development, prototyping, and industrialization of the customer's products.
Furthermore, 3D Automazione provides qualified assistance to cover the entire life-cycle of products/projects: formal validation, pre-series production, installation at the end customer, component obsolescence management, training, remote and on-site assistance


Company history


1994: 3D Automazione began as a spin-off of the automation division of 3D Informatica: a consulting firm specializing in the information retrieval sector.
For the most part, 3D Automazione deals with the development of SW / FW projects on COTS hardware platforms (mostly personal computers) or customer design (embedded systems).

1998: 3D Automazione then created the hardware design department which, over time, consolidated a very wide portfolio of technological solutions in the field of high-speed digital design.

2005:Completing the offer of services made available to customers, 3D Automazione began to use tools for modeling as well as three-dimensional mechanical design.

2009: 3D Automazione obtained the ISO-9000/2008 quality certification.

2015: 3D Automazione was included in the small group of "Omron Solution Partners" for specific skills in the field of vision systems.

2016: 3D Automazione doubled the surface of its structures.

2017: Began the use of additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) for mechanical prototyping.

2018: 3D Automazione updated the quality certification to the UNI EN ISO-9001: 2015 standard.


The technological partner in Industrial Automation


3D Automazione - Our Mission



The Team


3D Automazione began in 1994: from the entrepreneurial desire of the founding members, based on previous years of experience in the design and supply of industrial automation solutions.

Throughout the years, management has been expanded with the aim of continuous professional and corporate growth.

Thanks to an internal team of proven experience, 3D Automazione represents a constant point of reference, with a total partnership from initial analysis to daily assistance.

There is also a dense network of collaborators and a network of partner companies able to design and implement valuable solutions in various industrial sectors.

This business model allows you to multiply your strengths and be present in numerous markets with top-level specializations to give the most efficient answers and facilitate the changes imposed by the ever-changing market.


Quality System

3D Automation operates in advanced technological sectors with a high innovative rate whereby specific compliance requirements are required.

Through the course of our history, the company has embarked on an internal quality process and obtained the "ISO 9000: 2008" certification in 2010, in the field of design, development and integration of hardware and software systems for industrial automation, renewed in 2022 according to the "ISO 9001: 2015."



Confidentiality commitment

3D Automazione is committed to protecting the safety of its projects with the guarantee of maximum confidentiality.

All data, documents and information received during the entire Design, Prototyping and Production process are considered strictly confidential.

The commitment of the company, all staff and its partners is concretely achieved through the stipulation of secrecy and confidentiality agreements signed with customers and third parties.



What we do


Electronic design

Mechanical design

Prototyping and pre-series



Software and Firmware Design

Vision Systems

PLC design

HMI design

SCADA supervision systems



Electronic design

Thanks to many years of experience and continuous updating of the already available technologies, we are able to satisfy every type of need for the electronic design of cards and digital equipment.

Activities related to electronic and system design include:

  • Definition of detailed specifications in compliance with applicable regulations or standards.
  • Electronic design with use of 'Schematic Entry Tools', top of the range modeling and simulation
  • Design of printed circuit masters, on CAE Mentor.
  • Realization of the software for the functional testing of the cards.
  • Generation of all the documentation necessary for the reproducibility of the product (BOM, Gerber, Assembly notes, Documentation of use of the card, etc.)
  • Functional testing of the prototype boards

Mechanical Design

The mechanical design team, with the aid of three-dimensional CAD systems, entails:

  • Study and design of transport, positioning and handling systems.
  • Study and design of groups.
  • Integration between the electrical / electronic / mechanical components of the systems and analysis of the dimensions.
  • Assembly and BOM documentation

Prototyping and Pre-Series

For the projects carried out, 3D Automazione manages the prototyping, the production of pre-series and the production of:  

  • Electronic boards
  • Hardware and Software automation systems
  • Control panels
  • Systems with mechanical, electromechanical and pneumatic contents


Software / Firmware design

The software team develops projects using the latest generation languages and tools, in particular

  • Windows Presentation Foundation for the development of customized HMI
  • SCADA systems of wide diffusion for the realization of supervision systems on geographical networks
  • Real-time embedded systems
  • Linux-embedded systems and creation of custom device-drivers
  • Web-based user interfaces through the Angular / Django, ASP / IIS frameworks


Activities related to software design and validation, with GAMP / CENELEC methodologies, include:

  • Functional Specification
  • SW Requirement Specification
  • Architectural Design
  • Module Design
  • Module Testing Specification
  • SW Requirement Testing Specification
  • Factory Acceptance Test
  • Implementation of the code according to Internal / Customer Coding Standard
  • Drafting of all product documentation necessary for the final customer


Vision Systems

In the Artificial Vision sector, applied in the industrial sector, we create integrated Vision Systems.

In collaboration with our partner Omron, systems for image acquisition, pre / post processing, shape and frame recognition have been developed.

Our systems have been used in online and offline quality control application areas.




Alcuni dei nostri clienti


Rail systems

on board train systems


Refinery petrochemical plant



Command and control
electrical networks systems



Numeric controlled machines




Philip Morris International

Tobacco Industry




Automatic machines
for the tobacco industry


Telecommunication equipment



3D Automazione main sectors



Industriali plants



Tobacco Machinery

Consumer Applications